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Construction Tech or Contech App on iPhone. Best app for construction.
“Our schedule is no longer ignored, instead its actually being used by the lowest guys on the totem pole.”
Annabelle Porter
PreKast Construction

More than just a task list.

All-in-one construction operations.
  • Labor & Equipment management
  • Space & Materials Logistics
  • Smart Constraint log
Common Questions

Not quite convinced?

Planflow isn't for everyone, but its perfect for some.
How do I know this will work for my project?
Simple answer. Culture. If yelling at trades seems to have stopped working for you, then giving them a tool that works for them, one that gives them information and power that they wouldn't have otherwise, is the new way of building as a team. Trust but verify, this is not a compromise.
My project already started or is too small, is it still worth it?
Our pricing is based on project size and duration. So even if you have just a few months left of your project, Planflow is still going to save you $$$.
We don't use P6, can I still use Planflow?
At this time we only support P6. We do not yet have any plans to support other formats. If anything changes subscribe to our newsletter to get notified.
Do you integrate with Procore or Autodesk?
Planflow is the result of poor innovation from Procore and Autodesk. We do not yet integrate with either but are now seriously considering it. Subscribe to our product updates newsletter to get notified of any changes.

Build it with Planflow.

The ultimate construction tool.

Schedules and daily logs used intelligently to turbo charge construction.
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