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Procore is for the back office.

Planflow is for the field.

Get a handle of work to finish jobs early on under budget.

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How it works

Where the schedule meets the field.


Upload P6 schedule.

No preparation or conditioning needed. Updates too.


Assign work to subs.

Each task gets assigned to a subcontractor.


Stay on schedule.

Subcontractors update status daily, Superintendents approve.
Build more, whine less! 🔨

The non-whiteboard for your pocket.

Gantt Chart

Auto Schedule Updates

Get real-time updates about your schedule. Don't let critical tasks sneak up from behind you.
Punchlist Icon

Auto Daily Logs

Data from the schedule and weekly standup's are the basis for what should be done every day.
Charts showing construction crew counts, constraints that are currently active, constraints that were created in the past week, and a chart showing actual labor-hours to date versus planned labor hours.
Data & Analytics

Analytics that keep everyone honest.

Everything you need to know about how your crews are performing and how your project is doing.

Smart notifications

Get real-time alerts when tasks or issues are completed or get assigned to you.
Construction Materials Icon


Schedule and accept deliveries, identify important materials, lead times and quantities.
Construction hard hat icon for labor count

Labor Charts

Get a live and accurate count of workers on site every day. Plan ahead and compare actuals.
Mobile Schedule Viewer

The best way to manage your schedule.

Stop carrying a printed schedule

Now everyone can have their schedule in their hands, relevant to just them, no more information overload 🤯!

Construction weather alert icon

Smart Weather Alerts

Know when critical work is at risk from weather, up to 15 days out.
Construction Meeting Icon

Virtual Stand-ups

Keep the stand-ups, lose the whiteboard and the commute.
Construction Materials Icon

Equipment Management

Understand equipment usage and needs before they stop work.

Sh** happens. Deal with it here.

If it were easy anyone could do it.

Planflow helps you easily manage issues that get in the way of doing work, we call them Roadblocks. Make sure you have all you need to get work done, reduce risk, and finish early.

Construction Location Icon

Space and Access

Keep areas active without overcrowding
Smartphone Icon

Always with you

Stop making trips back to the whiteboard.

Keep tabs on subs

Understand planned labor and productivity vs actual.
Every Task, Every day

Track progress & productivity

Say goodbye to whiteboards.

Say hello to clean, current, and approachable data available to everyone when they need it.

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Build it with Planflow.

All-in-one construction logistics and communication.

The ultimate tool to get everyone on the same page.
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